What we do


Historic Preservation

Preservation of the historic architectural heritage of our communities, our state and our nation is a significant part of our practice. Through our efforts we hope to enable individuals and communities to see and experience the best of the past built environment.

State & Federal Grants

Grants at all levels often are a critical part of a project’s financing. Applying for them can be a time consuming process. Knowing of the available grants, knowing how to prepare an appropriate application for them and shepherding the application through the various steps of the process are critical to the success of achieving them. We do this.

Public Facilities

Public facilities can be as large as centers serving an entire community, as small as restrooms or anything in between. We have the capability, no matter what size. A small project can be just as challenging, and as satisfying, as a large one.

Adaptive Reuse

Indiana’s cities and towns are filled with existing buildings that have lost their original purpose and are stable enough to be considered for new uses. A project of this type is extremely complex, often requiring urban planning considerations, building codes, structural analysis, and building systems reconfiguration, in addition to architectural studies related to design and detailing. It is a challenging process, one that we truly enjoy.


The word “Housing” refers to a variety of building types, including individual, single family designs, groups of condominium units, large apartment complexes and housing included within other building use types. All are within our level of expertise.


Hospitality can be defined as “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers.” We have experience with unique boutique hotels, restaurants and twelve hundred key accommodation facilities.

Performing Art Centers

The development of performing arts centers are a premier part of R&B’s architectural design experience. Examples include facilities for colleges and universities and for individual theatrical clients. Projects require the input of a wide variety of specialized consultants, including those in the fields of acoustics, lighting, stage equipment and seating. Successfully managing teams of specialists is a specialty of ours.

Entertainment Venues

Venues for entertainment can include performing arts spaces, cinemas, dance clubs, playgrounds and a variety of other uses designed for guests, visitors or strangers. Food service is almost always included. See our list of projects for the complete venues we have successfully designed.

Tenant Development

A building designed for multiple users, once constructed, most definitely will need architectural services for the proposed tenants. The designs must consider both the needs of the tenants and what the building ownership can offer. We strive to achieve success by providing designs that achieve both.


Who doesn’t love a good restaurant? Who can design a great restaurant? We can! They can be free standing or part of a complex of uses. They can be for an individual owner or a consortium. Understanding food preparation and service are essential, and we love to do so.

Mixed-Use + Retail

This combination requires an understanding of and experience in assembling a number of different uses in a common space or structure. This is a typical situation today, and one where we are very capable of solving use and cost consequences.